Giving international customers the ability to purchase and ship U.S. products with affordable shipping options.

Responsive homepage for the BoxHop shipping website.


  • Customer-facing site: Lead UX/UI Designer; co-Creative Direction in collaboration with The Science Project on initial the MVP launch. Original branding courtesy of The Science Project.

  • Design-directed and managed BoxHop UX for responsive redesign.

  • Enterprise warehouse hub app - lead UX/UI


  • Borderfree, a 3rd-party vendor, powers many U.S. retailers international online shopping carts. BF identified foreign customers that abandoned the carts of many retailers due to the high U.S. shipping costs.

  • This allowed BF to identify higher income-tiered-customers to offer them a more affordable shipping solution from the U.S.


  • Design the BoxHop website, BF's online customer-facing international parcel-forwarding and consolidation concierge service. BoxHop’s multi-lingual service offers foreign shoppers the ability to shop and ship from U.S. retailers with little friction.

  • A BoxHop subscription allows customers to ship purchased merchandise to a BoxHop-provided U.S. address, with a unique personal storage suite. The parcels are then serviced—given inspections to detect any product-specific country restrictions, consolidated into smaller packaging, then reshipped to the foreign customer’s destination address with lower shipping costs.

  • Design a customer-facing comprehensive knowledgebase in BoxHop on best practices for buying and shipping goods from the U.S. to other countries.

  • Offer the ability for BoxHop customers to comparison shop across multiple well-known U.S. retailers within the website.

  • Design-direct targeted site intercept ads on partnering retailer ecommerce sites when shopping cart abandonment behavior is detected. In addition, design mulit-lingual online marketing assets to acquire new BoxHop customers.

Sample desktop landing pages. Fig. 1 - Homepage; Fig. 2 - Registration process; Fig. 3 - Signed-In user dashboard (suite); Fig. 4 - International shipping tools to educate the shopper; Fig. 5 - Shopping Guides with curated deals and promotions.

Sample mobile responsive landing pages. Fig. 1 - Homepage; Fig. 2 - Co-branded marketing page with a payment provider; Fig. 3 - Signed-In user dashboard (suite); Fig. 4 - Account creation page.


  • Led the charge on the user experience flows and subsequent wireframes for the BoxHop warehouse hub’s logistical operations per the business rules BF defined with our business partner, Slalom.

  • Partnered with branding vendor to co-design the customer-facing BoxHop site across several iterations and stakeholder showcases.

  • Conducted competitive analysis with existing parcel-forwarding companies to understand opportunities.

  • Researched best practices for designing responsive website within a Bootstrap framework.

  • For MVP launch, we released a desktop-only site. Then months later I led my team to design a responsive web version, including developing a responsive website style guide for common BoxHop site components.

  • Months after launch, through some user research, my Design Team and I collaborated in a lean Hackathon to simplify the parcel processing application, which improved overall shipment and fulfillment.


  • Increase customer acquisition with targeted site intercept ads— detect potential members on U.S. retailers shopping cart as they are about to abandon the site, to offer them a more affordable way to ship goods.

  • Increase customer retention & lifetime value through subscription plans.

  • Strengthen partnerships with U.S. retailers and payment providers to acquire new customers.


  • It launched in 2014 with over 6K active subscribers, with an exceptional repeat rate of 50% among new users.

  • Operational, tech, and UX improvements in the employee enterprise hub application led to reducing warehouse processing times by 42%.

  • Led to a co-branded partnership with MasterCard® to increase customer acquisition through their cardholders via a discounted membership.

Iterative process for wireframing the BoxHop checkout process.

Sample hi-fidelity comps for the responsive web BoxHop pages.

Sample hi-fidelity comps for the responsive web BoxHop pages.

Sample hi-fidelity comps for the desktop warehouse hub application.

Hackathon-driven improvements were made to simplify the parcel processing and shipping process after getting feedback from our hub operators.

Sample sections of the responsive web pattern library I design-directed after BoxHop went responsive.