Port 51

An affiliate shopping portal for international consumers to discover the best merchandist in U.S. retail.


Creative direction, lead designer and UX/IA on behalf of Borderfree.


  • Foreign shoppers (particularly from Asia/EU territories) are flocking to purchase more affordable U.S. brands online from their native countries, yet they crave a more localized online shopping experience.

  • The U.S. retail market is also seeing a surge in increased demand & revenue in online international purchases, but are challenged with offering the right types of products to the right target international customers.


  • Design Borderfree’s first B2C geo-targeted affiliate shopping website, Port51. The site offers millions of shoppable products spanning women and mens apparel, accessories, jewelry, home goods, and other merchandise sold from our U.S. retail partners.

  • U.S. retailers (or merchants) are given dedicated store pages with localized, curated product listings and offers based on the customer’s geolocation.

  • Create a centralized portal for showcasing the best in country-specific promotional offers and sales & coupons from our U.S. retail partners on Port51.

Editorial and product listings pages for Ready-to-Wear items localized for Australian customers.

Digital store front page for a partnering U.S. retailer with product feeds.

Co-branded campaign targeting VISA South Korean customers.

Left: Multi-country co-branded campaign with American Express. Right: Participating U.S. retailer storefront during the campaign.


  • Partnered with our market research team to design a customer insights portal for gathering qualitative feedback through our Borderfree customer surveys. These insights led to designing more curated shopping experiences for that customer base (Port51, BoxHop).

  • I worked with marketing coordinators across dozens of retailers (examples include: Macy’s Bloomingdale’s, Saks, Neiman Marcus, William-Sonoma, etc.) to ensure their digital store fronts were appropriately branded.

  • Designed a best-in-class ecommerce UX and user interface for target consumers.


  • Customer account creation/acquisition for BF.

  • Increase customer engagement: measuring click-through rates, products added to cart, products added to wish lists, etc.

  • Increase and strengthen B2B partnerships with ecommerce retailers.

Sample annotated wireframes of Port51’s product listings page and merchant storefronts.

Sample annotated wireframes of Port51’s faceted navigational filters.


  • Port51 launched dozens of storefronts with popular U.S. retailers on a single international ecommerce site.

  • This led to new partnerships with several payment providers (VISA, AMEX) to collaborate on co-branded, holiday-themed, regional promotions aimed at mid-range and luxury foreign shoppers.