Creative direction for print and web media across the promotional products business.

The Custom Tie adaptive mobile site offered by Symmetry.


  • Led creative direction for KTP’s various promotional products websites. Sites offered personalized merchandise in various product types: including custom-apparel, watches, throw rugs, and pillows.

  • Led web development + UX design for desktop and adaptive mobile sites.

  • Co-managed Google SEM tools to drive site traffic.


  • As KTP Design was growing it’s startup promotional product business, it needed to develop a customer-facing online strategy to showcase their portfolio of customized apparel & accessories in order to attract new business.


  • Design & develop a series of marketing websites with digital and print collateral, to promote KTP's custom-designed apparel collections for business end users.

  • Art directing and designing customized apparel and other products as part of proof-of-concept work for respective clients looking to promote their brand identity within their line of promotional products and internal uniform programs.

The Custom Tie desktop website offered by Symmetry.

The Custom Watch desktop and mobile adaptive websites.

A product details page for personalizing watches on the The Custom Watch site.


  • Increase customer acquisition through site traffic inquiries and phone sales.

  • Increase organic and paid Google SEO traffic to various KTP apparel sites


  • Presenting design samples and artwork prototypes on the various KTP online sites proved to be a successful model in driving leads, which resulted in KTP garnering quotes & subsequent sales and repeat customers.

  • Various custom-product sites were piloted from KTP during my tenure. The custom apparel site, Symmetry, continues to generate accolades within the promotional products industry for their best-in-class design and distribution services.

  • KTP saw increased revenue from numerous Fortune 500 companies that sought their partnership to help design promotional apparel products (ties, scarves, shirts, etc) for employee usage or as corporate gifts.