Leading creative direction on several Borderfree B2B marketing initiatives to support the brand’s mission as the top advisor on global consumer shopping.

Responsive homepage of the BF Insights B2B website for various whitepapers on global shopping trends.


  • Creative direction and lead designer on behalf of Borderfree for numerous B2B marketing platforms, including microsites and other digital materials.


  • How can Borderfree empower U.S. retailers to better monetize on international shoppers and identify key trends as they target that customer base?


  • By partnering with our internal market research team, I art directed and co-designed a series of microsites (BF Insights, Shoppers Without Borders), white papers, and other business-to-business marketing newsletters that promotes Borderfree’s area of expertise in international ecommerce strategy. These key initiatives were used as marketing tools to help U.S. retailers better target that customer base.

Sample pages discussing a range of topics on the BF Insights B2B site.

Various whitepapers offered by BF Insights included country reports that outlined the shopping habits of our international consumers.


  • Because international shoppers purchased through our retailers' ecommerce sites via BF’s geo-targeted localized checkout, our service could better identify prospective global markets to target for commerce expansion. I partnered with our analytics and marketing teams to gather the data to begin digital marketing (UX/UI for a B2B customer insights website) towards those target countries.

  • I leveraged the data on our international customer’s spending habits across our retail partners’ ecommence sites to help retailers identify growth opportunities in those regions (visualizations and infographics of country reports).

  • I partnered with our market research team to design a customer insights portal (Shoppers Without Borders) to gather qualitative feedback via survey design from our retailers’ repeat international customers.

Shoppers Without Borders microsite was a members-only online consumer panel for our top international customers, which was a useful market research tool to test out future BF concepts.

A sample e-newsletter from Shoppers Without Borders


  • Strengthen existing B2B partnerships with ecommerce retailers.

  • Acquire new ecommerce retail partnerships to leverage our 3rd-party tools

  • Promote Borderfree as a thought-leader on the non-U.S. shopping base.


  • These insights led to future BF projects targeting that customer base (Port51, BoxHop).

  • This increased & strengthened our partnerships with our existing retailers, and introduced new partnerships with additional retailers and payment providers.